Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Review: A England - Sleeping Palace

Hey Guys,

I'm back with another review for you. As it's summer and the sun is still (kind of) shining, I thought I would use holographic polish. If you've read my previous post, you might have noticed that this polish was used in that nail art mani. 

A England's Sleeping Palace is beautiful, the colours really pop in the sun and even in dull light, you can still see the holo. It's deep purple base with a rainbow holo and is utterly stunning. I LOVE it. 

However, this polish has commitment issues - it won't stay on my nails for longer than a day or two. I found this really disappointing as the colour is so wonderful and I had high hopes (for a student on a budget, these polishes aren't that cheap). I don't know if it's the base/top coat that I use (though I don't have a problem with any of my other polishes) or whether it's simply not a very long lasting nail polish. I have nothing to compare it to as I don't own any other A England polishes. I must say that the formula on this polish is very nice, it's super easy to apply and you only need two thin coats to get it opaque. Just shame about the staying power :(.

Thank you for reading - it means a lot to me! 

Love Emily x

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