About Me

I'm an average 18 year old English girl with a love obsession with nail polish. I'm a first year student at university studying Primary Education and I hope to become Primary School teacher one day.

I started painting my nails around 5 years ago and my ability has grown a lot since then. I am in no way trained and have never had any classes, I just enjoy painting my nails.

I love being creative and studied art at school but I'm just not that good at drawing. Nail art has allowed me to keep my creative side and have manicured nails at the same time (bonus!). I now can't stand it when my nails aren't painted!

The blog won't just focus on nails though (although that is the main thing I will blog about). I'm also an avid baker so I may share some of my love for cakes. Also, there may be the odd blogpost where I ramble for a while about life and how I'm doing. 

So this is my blog, I'm a novice and still have a lot to improve on. This is just a place for me to share my ideas, creations and thoughts and hope that you like them too!

Lots of love,
Emily x

P.S. One more thing: As much as I love nails and food, I also love Twilight (don't judge me) and Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart. If you love them too, I have a twitter (link) and a tumblr (link) especially for my fangirling. I began writing a sneaky fanfic if you would like to check it out (link)...it's not finished yet but I am determined to complete it soon.

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