Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Geometric Negative Space Nail Art

Hey guys,

Today, I have some nail art that was inspired by a picture I saw on instagram (unfortunately I can't find the image). I decided to use some holographic polishes as it was sunny (for once) in England and I wanted to see the full effect of the holos. Get ready for lots of pictures of these beautiful polishes.

I used striping tape to map out where my lines would be. I then filled in each space using a detail brush/the brush in the polish bottle. I think I would have liked the negative space to be slightly wider but I still like the effect that it has. 

Colours I used are:
A England - Sleeping Palace
Lilypad Lacquer - Tanzanite Twinkle
Ciaté - Sugar Plum

I cannot get over how amazing these polishes look in the sun, they catch the light so perfectly and really show the spectrum of colours in the holo. What are your favourite holo polishes?

Love Emily x

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