Saturday, 28 December 2013

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Monday, 9 December 2013


Hey guys,

The Christmas season is upon us, I have purchased fairy lights and Christmas presents and my list has been sent off to Santa. It's officially time to paint my nails for the festive season.

This first mani was a quick one that I did just before a night out - the picture is taken from my phone because I didn't have time to photograph properly before it got smudged and chipped :(. The blue used in this is W7 - Blue Mirror and I love it!

The next mani that I will show is my most recent one (it's still on my nails). One of friends urged me to create Rudolph nails - so I did.

Colours used are:
Rimmel Lasting Finish - Double Decker Red
Nails Inc - Cadogan Gate
Sinful Colours - Easy Going
Barry M - Mushroom
Revlon - Hot for Chocolate
Rio Stripers - black, white and red

And that's the beginning of my Christmassy nail art. Expect quite a few more posts this month because it's one of my favourites and there are so many designs that I already have in mind. See you soon!

Love Emily x

World War II - History Nails

Hey guys,

Sorry about the lack of posts! I have just been on school placement as part of my course at university and I have had so much work to do. I haven't had the chance to sit down an write a blog post so you missed one last week - to make up for it, you will get 2 today! 

So I created these nails as I was involved with 'History Day' at my placement school. Basically, each year dresses up and does activities from a different era of time. The year I was placed in did World War II. This is my take on WW2 nails - the children were impressed!

To quickly run through them - my thumb is Churchill's famous bowler hat, index is obviously the union jack, middle is a spitfire plane, ring is an Anderson shelter and baby is a shovel and fork (I did this to signify the rationing and Dig for Victory).

I'll be back soon! Let me know what you think of these nails. I haven't listed the colours as they can be mixed and matched to polishes that you already have - also, I used around 11 different polishes :')

Love Emily x