Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Review: Essie - Leading Lady

Hey guys,

Here is a swatch of a new polish I got a couple of weeks ago but has been sat in my 'need to swatch' pile until now. This is Essie Leading Lady.

Leading Lady (in the bottle) is a red glitter in a deep red base. However on the nails, I feel as though it's more just a dark red polish with a bit of glitter that doesn't really show up. To me, it looks more like a textured polish than a glitter. Let's just say I was disappointed. I did 3 coats with a top coat.

Here is a close up shot, I think this best shows the colour and texture of the polish. As you can see, it's not very glittery, sure there are lots of glitter pieces but it just doesn't shine on the nails.

Overall, I'm not blown away by this polish like I was hoping I would be. I love the colour but the glitter has let me down. 

Has anyone got this polish and thinks differently? Let me know - maybe I just got a dodgy bottle?

Love Emily x

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